Sunday, November 23, 2014

We have arrived!

We pulled into Happy Days RV park about 1:30pm last Saturday afternoon. Our drive into the valley was gorgeous and hair raising. Mountain drive up and DOWN all the way! I was unable to get pictures due to my fingers being glued to the steering wheel the whole way down. When i was able to glance around my jaw would drop open at the beauty before and around me! Our temperatures have been in the 70s and dropping into 50s at night...absolutely wonderful.

We have spent our week acclimating ourselves to our new area..groceries, laundry, long drives. Jer got a day of golf in with buddy Ken and I got a day of beads in with good friend Mona.

Last Friday went on our first hike in Arizona, Hieroglyphics Trail near Superstition Mtn.  I pooped out about  half way there, so sat on a rock while Jer and Bailey went on a little further ahead. I definately need some more conditioning! Ha!

Yesterday, Saturday,  we went over to the Lane's house for the day. Got some updates and downloads done on their wonderful fast wifi, guys went and hit balls, gals did some beading (Mona taught me a wonderful new pattern!)..dogs did some exploring in their huge big yard, and we shared a yummy meal with an awesome german chocolate dessert. Perfect day!

Today will be laundry and plan for a new week! I have discovered that the days are just melding into one another without having any work schedule! Working 7 days a week for all those years has left us a little bewildered as to what to do with ourselves. So maybe with a little more structured planning we can help ourselves get into more of a routine?? Sounds good anyway right?!? Haha!

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