Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stupid cold!

We woke up this morning to stupid cold weather! 26 degrees! Ugh! Luckily our furnace works great and our artic pac 'seems' to be keeping everything unfrozen!

We began packing for our week in Des Moines around 9am and pulled out to dump and head over to jer's sister's house about 10am. Really sad to see our 'home' all tucked in for a week! I am sure getting used to our Big F!

Had a good visit with Jer's sister and husband, tasted some of the sweets she was making <g> and then headed back to Michele's and Terry's house, where Chef Terry made us the most incredible Chicken Piccata meal..... So yummy and filling on this stupid cold day! 

Our 2 1/2 hour trip over to Des Moines to see daughter, Jamie and her 3 wonderful children was uneventful. We arrived about 5:30pm and promptly settled in to wonderful chaos. Following a meal of  tacos and fun conversation and lots of ipad activities, we all headed off to lala land!

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