Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oklahoma....still freezing

We are in El Reno, Oklahoma at a KOA right off exit 108. The temperature is 19 and winds are in the 30mph range! Ugh! This KOA is really nice, quiet and super clean. 

We left lakeside Recreation Park, Assaria, KS about 9:30am yesterday. Decided to take 81 all the way south to I-40. It was 2 lane most of the way and turned to 4 lane just before interstate. Not a bad road but went from 65 to 25 constantly between all the little towns. We fought strong winds all day! I was amazed at all of the plants, mills, oil fields, refinaries along this highway.

Tonight we are relaxing with our Jack and coke and planning our travels for tomorrow. Our goal is to keep making our way south and get out of these winds and cold weather! No dawdling along on this voyage!

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