Saturday, November 1, 2014


Friday started with hot coffee and cold cold winds! 30 degrees, sunny! Ha, can't wait to get on the road south this year!

Our Bailey had a rough night but is doing great this morning..yay!

Jer decided to try a new 'do', what do you think? <g>

This evening we went to visit mom-in-law at university hospital. She has a severe infection in her left foot that was finally diagnosed after a month of suffering! She  has been on a couple of antibiotics for 24 hours now and is feeling a lot better! It was heartbreaking to see her so miserable!

Our visit also included a stop at my favorite restaurant! BRONCOS! Yay! Anyone who knows me knows that i am a happy camper tonight!!

Tomorrow we put the rig in storage for a week and head to Des Moines to babysit 3 grandchildren while mom heads to Philadelphia for a class!

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