Thursday, October 30, 2014

Long day

Jer and i took our little Bailey to the vet this morning for laser eyelid surgery. The vet had determined that her eyelids were turning/rolling in on themselves and causing her irritation that we have been dealing with the last few months.

After we dropped her off we took the truck in to have engine light checked out and found out it was because of an emissions area that had basically fallen apart with hoses disintegrated. :( they gave us a ride back to our rig and we patiently waited for the call that it was finished.

Our winds in Nebraska have been horrible, 30-40 mph!

Late this afternoon, we picked up the truck and yay engine light is out! Hopefully it stays out now! Following that we went to the vet to pick up our totally spaced out baby... She is so out of it tonight, i feel so bad.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

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