Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Awesome day

We (I actually) am trying to get this ole bod back in shape during our time down here in the sun!  One of the things i really like to do is spend time outside and exploring nature.

Sunrise this morning
Today we went to Silly Mountain just a few miles south of us. It is a small mountain just west of the magnificent Superstition Mountains and has several trails to choose from. We chose 3 that would take us to the very top!

Our day was slightly overcast and temps were in the low 70s with a little breeze! Perfect for drying sweat...the peak of the mountain is in the pic above.  The trail was very well marked, but rocky and very steep in places. 

Daaad, do I have to?

We made it!

Taken from about halfway up
We were really high !

Superstition Mountain range
Looking out over the valley
Found a different trail to go down and made it safely back to the truck....I can't wait to go again and try the other trails there.

Got home and made some spaghetti for dinner along with fresh pineapple and mangos...yum! Listening to a very soft rain now...perfect day!

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