Friday, February 13, 2015

What are we doing?

One of the most wonderful things that I have enjoyed about our 'new' lifestyle is the feeling that everyday is Saturday. You know, the feeling you get when you wake up Saturday morning and realize that you don't have to go to work and you go aaaahhh, its Saturday.  I had no idea that I would look forward to each day so much. I know that sleep is necessary for body function, ha, but I am sometimes disappointed that it is bed time!

We have been happily, hiking, swimming, socializing, eating and just being. Super Bowl Sunday was had at the clubhouse starting at noon with Pulled Pork dinner, a band/dancing in the street and great food ending with a superb game in the evening. (The only ad I really liked was the Budweiser horses and puppy!)

We  have seen some beautiful trails and desert scenery.  Went to the Superstition Mountain Museum and toured their building and beautiful trails. Lots of information to absorb and of course items to buy :).

Saguaro Lake was a beautiful hike following the edge of the lake and winding in and out of shady tree canopies into rocky climbes above the water edge and then winding down to the lake's edge. Bailey loved drinking and playing at the waters edge.

The Phoenix sign and arrow was built during World War II to guide training pilots in the right direction.

Took a long drive to Tortilla Flats along the old Apache Trail (hwy 88) was a beautiful drive through the mountains to a completely old fashioned touristy little town along the narrow cool...we got a Prickly Pear ice cream cone.....delicious and very pink!

Need to find out what the yellowish/green stuff is on a lot of the rocks are?

We have discovered Usery Park here in Apache Junction with numerous trails that we are beginning to explore. Blevins is the one we have started with. It winds gently down and through the desert along a wonderful, easy, mostly sandy path. The saguaro cactus are abundant and so close you can touch (if you want).

Bailey got to meet her first horse up close and personal!

One of my bucket list to do things was crossed off this month when I was able to go to the Tuscon Bead Show. Wow, just wow is all I can say. I went with a very strict budget in mind and mostly stuck to it, but it was definitely very hard to do. So many ideas and beautiful beads all in one place! Below are some pieces I have been making :)

The weather has gotten quite warm during the days this  past week, so we have gotten the opportunity to try the pool out. It has been wonderfully refreshing and has been awesome to meet some of the other park residents!

Refreshments to keep hydrated!

Peanut Butter and choc chips

Our days continue to just roll on....we are so enjoying this life!

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  1. Cindy, I just read this post and really like your beading! So much beauty!