Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chilly nights, warm days

With Christmas holidays/traffic/ hubbubs out of the way, New Years was creeping up. Our days here in Arizona were being hit with the polar freeze from waaay up north!

storm clouds in the morning :(

New Year's eve started out with dark clouds, windy and rain which continued throughout the day. Brrrr.

sunset before the storm

We realized our propane tank was getting low and called to have propane delivered and were told: 1) we needed to give a 48 hour notice, 2) They would be at our park today and would 'try' to get to us, 3) we would be put on the list for next week and they were closed on Thursday! :(.

rain and clouds/snow on mountain :)

Sooooo knowing how 'employees' are.....we headed for the store to get:

Yep! Had to buy a space heater! Who would have ever thought....hahaha! And I'm sure we left a couple back at our daughter's! Oh has made all the difference in the world.  Needless to say, we are now out of propane and we are still warm and comfortable :)

All of the exercise and hiking we have been doing is starting to help our bodies get back in shape! All of the aches and pains are really starting to pay off, don't ya think? ROFL......

New Years we woke up to a winter wonderland on the Superstition Mountain. It was absolutely beautiful!

A facebook posting from Superstition Mountain Golf resort's page

We spent the day in front of the boob tube watching football at our good friend's house in Gold Canyon. Games were good, food was awesome, beading with friend an added bonus!

Taken from our friend Ken's facebook page :)

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit with #1 DD and then we went back to Ken and Mona's  to watch more games. Mona and I made a bead store run and spent the afternoon beading. It was a perfect relaxing day with yummy food! (Gotta eat ya know!)

Chili dogs and homemade salsa!

a new project started! :)
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