Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Learn something new everyday it seems

We continue to hike at least a couple of times a week. Our most difficult and interesting hike was Peralta Trail. 6.5 miles total, a very rocky, straight up and back, ha! We all 3 were dragging after that one!

Good friends in North Carolina gave us a box of these and we have fallen in love....just add water, spray pan with olive oil, brown, and voila! The easiest, bestest hashbrowns around! Wow, never even knew they existed!

Finally was able to create this pattern! :)

Bailey crawls up on dad's lap and gets a daily massage!

Beautiful afternoon rainbow after a rain shower


Discovered a recipe for granola bars in an icecube tray. Need to work on recipes, this one didn't hold together well.

Girls afternoon out, Off to bead shop!

Full moon rising!

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