Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maiden Voyage

We are finally, mostly loaded up and left for our maiden voyage to camp with Jerry's sister and her husband for a long weekend. The campground was a KOA about 50 miles north of us in Onawa, IA. We were able to get electricity and water, but no sewer :(.

The weather was cold, rainy, and super windy....a perfect way to stay inside and become familiar with all the workings of our 'new' home. I spent a lot of the time, sorting, storing, and rearranging 'stuff'. Ha! I still have much to do and have made a 'list' of things we need, forgot or want!

We went to dinner Friday night with 2 of the couples from the campground, Jer's sister and her husband, to a little restaurant across the Iowa line in Decatur, NE. I had the fried shrimp :) and Jer had the chicken fried steak! It was good.

Saturday was spent enduring severe winds and rain. Bailey and I walked around the campground about 2pm (game time!) and no one was outside. We had been told about all the 'football watching parties' outside, but the place was silent. I giggled at how quiet it was. I made our 'first' dinner in the rv, spaghetti, fruit salad and yummy garlic bread! All cooked on the rv stove!

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Jer's sister at their place...wonderful omelets, fruit and cinnamon toast and lots of good conversation. Afterwards we closed up the rv and Jer 'practiced his first dump'!  We just might be getting the hang of this!

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