Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back in Papillion

We arrived back in Papillion, Sunday afternoon, Sept 14. We decided to stay at the Walnut Creek campground, run by the city of Papillion. It is a pretty nice little place. Only electric, but cement, fairly level pads. And oh so quiet (most of the time)...Ha! I was awakened Monday morning by a marching band practicing at 6:30 and horses clopping through on the cement. It was quite a surprise, but nice once I got coffee made! We will stay here through Sun. now.

Originally planned on leaving on Thurs....but we have to change our verizon pkg and have decided to upgrade phones....and of course new ones are not available until Fri. and since it is soooo close to Saturday and my awesome 'Outlander' series....(the wedding is this week!) we have to stay!

Jer has spent the week making sure tires are aired properly and getting a tire stem fixed. Also our title arrived on Sunday, so we got the rv licensed properly now (nearly stroked out on that one!) And last night we were awakened to our propane leak alarm going off! Gaaaahhhh! So now are awaiting a call from Camping Word to see when we get in.
So not a lot and yet lots going on, all in the learning curve! :)


  1. Awww..sweet..
    Sending you big hugs xx

  2. good luck :) and awwwwww your wee furbaby is sooo cute :) love mouse xxxxx