Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't you just love......

Don't you just love when you start a new project? I love when inspiration hits and the decision is made to start a new project....I love deciding and finding or buying the pattern and choosing the linen. Next on my list is going through my thread stash and finding the threads I already have and then (oh no, hehehe) having to go to the LNS and getting the rest of them that I absolutely have to have. Next up I get a new large baggie and fill with all the necessities I will need to do this project.

I have been watching Vonna at the Twisted Stitcher starting her '6 Fat Snowmen' by Lizzie Kate and fell in love with the threads and color of her linen. The combination just sucked me in, lol (I know she said she used an Amber linen, but on my monitor it looked grayish blue and that is what I liked about it) so I just had to do it. My local LNS had a good variety of linens to choose from and I chose a 32 ct Confederate Gray and I love it with the threads.

BUT I am usually a 1 project at a time girl and so I promised myself I would finish this first. I just have a few more stitches to put in and am going to do them this morning when I am done with this post and then the 'new' fun can start....

Lizzie Kate's Sampling Thanksgiving
Started Nov. 1

This will be my first Thanksgiving piece, I really wanted to get it done this year...

Have a great day today....I am just going to snuggle in with my hot coffee and stitch! Hope your day is just as good to you :D


  1. What a cute almost-finish! I'm cheering you onto the finish. :) I love your new start. It's an adorable piece--I just love those fat guys. ;)

  2. I love those colors too! The only stitchery I know how to do is regular embroidery. Alas, pieces to do are hard to find or I just don't know where to look. Enjoy the project!


  3. ENJOY! your new start :) They are so cute!

  4. wow what a sweet nearly finish picture..i love it so much..
    and great new start..yummy color threads..enjoy it dear.happy stitching xxx

  5. Your new project looks like a lot of fun, Cindy--love the Confederate Gray linen you chose. I just used it for my little Noel ornament, too.

    Cute little turkey (almost) finish :)

  6. I love the 6 fat snowmen - I've resisted so far but I am going to have to cave and get them!

  7. I was stitching on 6 Fat Men last night and I love it. I'm onto my second one. Looking forward to seeing yours.

    Love your almost finish :)

  8. I love the colors you have used here. I can't wait to see your next project. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Maryl

  9. What wonderful colours! I just love your Thanksgiving Turkey piece!~ It is just so cute!

  10. I agree, such beautiful colors. I too love the turkey piece. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  11. the snowmen are so cute, and so are the other pieces! happy thanksgiving (belated!)