Sunday, September 11, 2011

More stash reducing! Yaaay

Good morning and blessings to all of you. I am personally remembering in my own way all those and those of us that were touched in some way by 9/11.....may you find peace....

I have been busy reading blogs, getting inspired by all of your pieces and finishing some of my own! The cooler weather and lower humidity in the midwest always inspires me to get my duff in gear and finish stuff, lol.....of course, the ideal weather never lasts long around here so who knows what the week will bring,  I have even started my 'fall' cleaning.....but i know that won't last...hehehe

I have been working on a xmas gift for my DD and her family...I wanted to do a family sampler for them, but they are sooooo NOT into old vintage stuff, so i got creative with Bent Creek's Gnomes in a Row....I am hoping they like it....I have to add their personal charms, I have a baseball, soccer and an Iowa football charm so far....i still would like to find a girly charm for my dg, but haven't come across one that trips my trigger yet.

Bent Creek's
Gnomes in a Row
I used all the suggested threads and fabric count

 Another finish that i have been working on for several years a while is Sweetheart Tree's B is for Bunny....I am so glad that i decided to finally do it, cuz i love how it turned out. I think after I have seen a bunch of yours finished that I will finish as a flat pinkeep :D...

Sweetheart Tree
B is for Bunny
it was a kit with thread and linen :D

I have D is for Dog also, so maybe will pick that one up this winter to work on....I love the colors and beautiful threads...2 of the bunnies are done with whisper thread and are fuzzy and the pearls, buttons and charms are just too cute!

DH and I have a coffee shop and are coffee nuts so a friend gifted me this next pattern and  I finally got the chance to stitch it up....I am having such fun discovering all the 'new to me' linens, dyed and all the new overdyed flosses etc......coming from someone who stitched in the 70s and 80s and just now getting started again....good grief, I feel old.....things have changed soooooo much and for the better!! bear with me as I learn all the 'new to me' stuff!

Bent Creek
Good Morning
done with recommended threads
I have found a sunshine charm and am looking for a coffeepot/cup charm too and then will finish and put in a small frame.

Today is DH and his cousins reunion....they have not all been together for 30+ it should be really interesting??? I would really rather stay home and stitch, sigh....but will go for know all the things that a wife must do....its a wonder we get any stitching, crafties, etc. done at all! lol

Best stitches to all.....


  1. Lovely finishes, and the Gnomes in a Row is looking great!!

  2. I'm sure your daughter's family will love your little gnome piece--who could resist those cuties?

    Love that bunny finish, too--just beautiful :)

  3. Your finishes are gorgeous. The Gnomes Row is such a fun piece!

  4. Wow your finishes look great! I think your daughter and her family will love their Christmas present. BTW thank you for your comment on my progress!

  5. Awesome finishes! I really like the colors in Good Morning.
    I Know what you mean about staying home and stitching, I often feel that way when my husbands thinks I need to go with him somewhere.
    Happy Stitching

  6. Gnomes in a Row is adorable! I have a thing for garden gnomes, and don't allow myself to buy one, since I know if I do, it will get out of control. Maybe this is the solution, I can get a gnome fix, without making the neighbors wish my yard would turn into a sinkhole and take the gnomes with it.

  7. I love the Good Morning chart! On to my wish list it goes. It reminds me of the little Good Morning song that I always sing to my (now grown up! children!! : )

  8. Love your wonderful "Gnomes" piece, and your dear daughter and family are sure to love it too! "B is for Bunny" is beautifully finished too!
    Enjoy every stitching moment that you can find. For it is with our favorite stitching piece that we can settle down for some very much needed rest, peace and tranquility.