Sunday, August 7, 2011

Working on my stash :D

Happy Sunday to all....we finally had a thunderstorm go through last night and not only was it fun to watch, along with much needed rain....but this morning is cool, low humidity, clear skies and it smells wonderful! yay!! This summer has been a bear for most of us in the USA!

This year I made a vow (ha!) to reduce my stash (and finish UFOs) and I wanted to show you a few of the pieces I have done. These were Sweetheart Tree hearts that I had collected over the years.

I have one more in my stash to do, I think it is called 'Autumn'...but I am tired of hearts right now, lol....I finished these in just simple squares as you can see, but after seeing all of the creative finishes out there, I may add to them....what do you think?

I have a wonderful daughter that used to cross stitch...(marriage and a new baby have put that on hold for now, lol) but I wanted to show you the first piece that she did and gave to me :D. She stitched on this for quite a while as a jr. high made its way a couple of years in a row to Florida while visiting grandparents, went to friend's houses on sleepovers, etc....but eventually she persevered and finished it! I was so tickled with it. Her dad made the frame for it when it was finished and it has hung in my craftroom for me to enjoy for years.

I hope your weekend is peaceful and thank you to my new followers :D...and your comments. I so appreciate them.

Best stitches to all of you, Cindy


  1. Love all your heart finishes! What a nice collection.

    Very nice piece that your daughter did for you too.

  2. Cindy,
    I love your hearts! I too vow each year to reduce my stash, but to now avail! Too many great designs out there! My son went to school in Omaha and I have many great memories of your fine state. The people we met were like none other! Look forward to your next post.
    Linda from keeper of the crowes

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Your finishes are beautiful, and what a wonderful gift from your DD.

    When you have a moment, could you email me? I'd like to know about Papillion :)

  4. Dear Cindy, your Sweetheart Tree hearts are very nice, and I especially love the charms (is that what they're called?)
    Lovely stash you've got there, and nice work by your daughter!
    An aunt of mine went to Creighton; is that anywhere near you?
    Thank you for visiting! :)