Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things we hold dear to our hearts

I am the oldest of 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy.....we are spread all over the USA and I don't get to see them very often, but I treasure the times I do. One of my (younger) sisters, Linda, likes all kinds of crafts and is also a very kind, wise and gentle soul. She has over the years, stitched everyone in the family a beautiful piece.  A few years ago (oh man, I guess it was a lotta years ago (1996)! ) Does time pass more quickly for you too? Anyway, she made me a cross stitch that I absolutely love and hold very dear to my heart.

After she sent it to me, my husband made a beautiful frame for it and I cut the mats. We were talking later and Linda mentioned that there were 2 companion pieces to it...soooo...i set out to find it. (Duoh! never dawned on me to just ask her for her pattern!)  I ended up calling all over the country (it was the days before the internet!!)  and finally found the pattern and had it sent to me.

I promptly set about stitching one of the pieces, and have yet to do the other one.

But I have discovered it in my stash and have black aida material and all the threads, so I think it will be next on my list to do to complete the set.


  1. Beautiful pieces. lad you stopped by and left a message...that is how I found you....I know I will enjoy visiting with you.

  2. lovely stitching - oh by the way do you really eat hot dogs with banana, peanut butter and hot fudge??? i am in the uk and hot dogs should have onions and red sauce on them haha

  3. You sister's piece is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift! Your companion piece looks fantastic! Now you'll have both pieces, or you could send the second one to your sister, that way you each have part of each other every single day.

  4. Beautiful stitching pieces
    I found you through the comment you left Anna
    Welcome to blogland
    I'll be back