Thursday, October 30, 2014

Long day

Jer and i took our little Bailey to the vet this morning for laser eyelid surgery. The vet had determined that her eyelids were turning/rolling in on themselves and causing her irritation that we have been dealing with the last few months.

After we dropped her off we took the truck in to have engine light checked out and found out it was because of an emissions area that had basically fallen apart with hoses disintegrated. :( they gave us a ride back to our rig and we patiently waited for the call that it was finished.

Our winds in Nebraska have been horrible, 30-40 mph!

Late this afternoon, we picked up the truck and yay engine light is out! Hopefully it stays out now! Following that we went to the vet to pick up our totally spaced out baby... She is so out of it tonight, i feel so bad.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back in Papillion....

Saturday found us heading north in I-29. 

The Iowa bluffs that I-29 follows were beautiful in their fall colors. This time of the year all farmers are in their fields completing their harvests! It always makes me smile to watch such huge operations underway!

We decided to give jerry's mom a call and stop and visit.  His sister Phyllis and her hubby Gary were on the way down too! When we got there we helped them clean the house for her, had a light lunch and a wonderful visit.

Later Saturday afternoon we headed on to Papillion and found a spot at Walnut Creek campground. The last couple of days have been spent vegging around and visiting with our daughter and family!

For our anniversary, the kids took us to Red Lobster for dinner! It was sooo good, we had the most delightful waiter and the 'all' you can eat shrimp was Delicious!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

St. Joe, MO and a SWEET reunion

Arrived in St. Joe around 4:00pm and found the local Walmart. We have been looking for propane all day today! Across the highway from where we are parked was a TSC store.. So decided to call them and lo and behold they were able to fill us up! Going to have to do some asking around about how to find propane on the road???

Contacted my sister Linda to see if they were available for dinner and of course they were!

She and husband Albert arrived at our door within minutes!! They whisked us off for a tour of their home and introduced us to their 2 kitties!

We decided we wanted mexican fare for dinner so headed off for the yummiest dinner in their local downtown! Best spicy bean dip and homemade chips ever!  Jer had their mixed plate and I had a taco salad! Yummo!! After lots of catching up they dropped us back at the Big F and we finished catching up!

It was wonderful guys and we will see you soon!

This morning we woke to cool temps and lots of fog....

Heading to Papillion today... Will get settled at Walnut Creek and begin to get a few things done this week before our babysitting gig starts next weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mountainview Missouri

We stayed in a passport america park last expecting to get half off but noooo, had to stay 2 nights to get discount! Grrrr! Nowhere in their ad was that mentioned! I hate when that happens! People were nice and camground was full of beautiful trees but entire place was gravel!

Stopped at a Waffle House in TN and totally stuffed ourselves! It was so good!

Woke up this morning to a wool socks and warm slippers kinda day!

Had a beautiful drive through central Missouri! Fall colors are spectacular!

Heading to St. Joe, Mo....

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It was a Walmart night

After 280 miles yesterday, we decided to call it a night and stopped at the Walmart in Lebanon, TN around 5pm. 

Dinner was easy tonight, delicious chicken fried steak sandwiches that my sister Suzi made for us before we left and my mom's super yummy brownies! We lazed around for awhile and then walked through Walmart for a few groceries .

A highlight this evening was a FaceTime visit with granddaughter Lily! We are sure looking forward to seeing all 4 of our little ones in the next two weeks.

After coffee and a short walk this morning, we headed next door and fueled the Big F and hit the road around 8:30am.... Headed for Paduca, KY.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leaving Brevard :(

This morning we packed up and battoned down the Big F (our RV). We are beginning our next leg of our journey and leaving Brevard, NC.

These last 3 weeks have been packed with activities, cooking, laughing and magnificent fall scenery!

Jer and I have had fun getting to know the Big F better and are starting to even develope some routines...

It was a very emotional time for me telling my folks, aunt sue and sister suzi, good bye. We are so looking forward to our next leg of our journey, but I so disliked telling them goodbye!

I love the Brevard area and the Smokey mtns and it was so fun watching the color happen this year!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brevard color

I have been waiting for the beautiful colors to show!
They are finally coming on!

A test for my dad :)

I am trying to get a post to show up in my dad's 'bloglovin' app on his verizon pad????

We are parked in Brevard, NC at their house....our plans are to head back to Nebraska/Iowa tomorrow. We have to babysit grandkids in Des Moines Nov. 1-6? and then head to Papillion for a few days to celebrate a b-day party for DG #4 and THEN head for Arizona! Yay!